Try MediSeek - The Search For Healthcare Providers

MediSeek is still pre-release. We are expecting to release the retail edition in mid October 2019.

On The Web

Testers, please use this web version. It is the most current release.

  • Don't want to download anything? Run Mediseek right here.
  • Be sure to bookmark us!
  • Google Play

    Testers. The release on Google Play is several versions old. A new release on Google Play will test the updating ability. This will happen mid October 2019.

  • Follow this to download and install from Google Play. (Opens in a new browser window.)
  • What about my iPhone and iPad? These are coming when we establish a market on Android and on the Web. Use our Web version for now.
  • Download the App

    Testers. This downloadable APP will be available mid October 2019.

  • If you have McAfee installed, it will assure you with a virus check as you install.
  • Set your Android device to accept downloads from sources unknown to Google.
  • Windows Linux

  • The same Mediseek on Windows? On Linux? That's right folks.
  • Available soon via the Electron framework.
  • What about my Mac?! Coming when we establish MediSeek on the Web and Android. In our opinion, Apple policies can be expensive and restrictive. For now, use the Web version.
  • ...